Boho Catering

Boho can deliver a customized menu of bespoke dishes based on client preferences. We cater to all kinds of outdoor and indoor events, whether it be a casual event for family and friends or for formal corporate events.

We specialize in live cooking and grills and guarantee an extraordinary experience with live barbecues, this is what we do best. We also provide other dishes prepared in our restaurant that can be delivered and served at your location. We guarantee the use of freshest ingredients offering a healthy experience. We use creative live cooking techniques to enhance the dining experience.

THE FIRST SPARK IN THE PIT was ignited when head chef Abdul became the go-to host for wildly successful backyard barbeques amongst friends and family. Their brazen love for his secret marinade recipe inspired a more serious plan for his culinary skills. Enter childhood buddies, Kieve & Jacob, who turned their collective gluttony into gold and The Meating Room was born under the JAK Group banner.

After the Meating Room, comes their newest venture, Boho. An eclectic casual dining and bar experience with flame-enticing foods.

Inspired by backyard barbecues, fanned flames and a free spirit, the restaurant brings together the finest smoking flavours from around the world under one roof. Boho’s best feat is a special slow cooking technique for richly-flavoured prime meats that fall apart at every bite, discover this.

Expect to see innovative cocktails and fusion of flavours with a global twist on Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. As fragrant spices and fresh herbs fire up the taste buds, contemporary music takes on tribal beats to compliment the food and create an unrivalled atmosphere.

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